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  • Is entry still open?

Entry for 2022 is now officially open! There are only spaces for 16 teams in London, 8 teams in Birmingham and 4 teams for the Ladies competition. Depending on interest these numbers are subject to change. Therefore, we suggest you sign up as soon as possible.

  • How much is the entry fee?

£120 per team London / £100 per team Birmingham / £80 per team Ladies


  • My team can no longer make it. What happens to my entry fee?

Your team has until payment is made to drop out. However, after payment has been made, part of or the whole fee will be forfeited, depending on when the event is and when your team drops out: 

  • Less than 10 days before start of Tournament: 100% of entry fee

  • 11-24 days before start of Tournament: 50% of entry fee (minus deposit)

  • 25+ days before start of Tournament: Entry fee fully refunded (minus deposit).

Please see our full terms and conditions here.


  • What are the minimum and the maximum number of players allowed per team?

As this is a 5-a-side tournament, there must be a minimum of 6 players per team (5 players & 1 sub). The maximum is 8 players. We strongly recommend getting the full 8 player team, as if there are injuries during the one-day tournament it would stop you from competing. See below for details if you wish to join a team or need more players.


  • My friends and I have 2 separate teams in the tournament, can I play for both teams during the day?

You are only allowed for ONE team during the tournament. For example, if your team gets knocked out you cannot start playing for another team. Referees are instructed to keep an eye out and any player found cheating can result in them and their teams getting disqualified and banned.


  • Is the tournament mixed?

No, there is a Men's and a separate Ladies tournament.


  • How long is each tournament?

Each tournament is a one-day event, held in either London or Birmingham. The tournament times and schedules will be found on each tournament's page, when complete.

  • Who will my team be playing against?

We have many regular teams that see the CCC Cup as part of their yearly fixture/tradition. We have many highly talented teams taking part, so competition is tough but fun! Teams will be sorted into groups once registration has ended. This will be published on the website and a live draw will be shown on our Facebook page


  • Is there a prize for the winners?

We are currently in discussion with our sponsors to donate prizes. However, teams that progress to and win the Super Cup will be able to claim their team is the best 5-a-side team in the Chinese/East Asian community in the UK!

  • Will the Super Cup happen in Wembley?

The Supercup will be played at Goals Wembley (situated in Alperton).

  • Is the entire tournament being held in London?

No. There are 3 separate tournaments. Birmingham, London & The Super Cup. Teams enter based on their location e.g. a team based in Birmingham would compete in the Midlands Cup. The 4 semi-finalists of each tournament would then be invited to play in the free Super Cup (see below for further questions). There will be no Super Cup for the Ladies tournament.

  • Will teams in Birmingham have to travel to London for the Super Cup?

No. Ideally we would like all teams to attend but if a team cannot or does not wish to enter the Super Cup then they are not obliged to. This is up to each team. Rules regarding who would replace the teams that choose not to travel to London will be sent to all teams. Please contact us if you have any questions.

  • How much is it to enter the Super Cup?

There is no entry fee for the Super Cup. We are offering this as a bonus tournament. 


  • My team doesn't have the minimum of 5 players, what can I do?

Go to our FB event page for either BIRMINGHAM or LONDON (whichever applies) and post on the wall asking for players. Alternatively, contact us and we can put you through to the right people/team.

  • I would like to join a team, what can I do?

Go to our FB event page for either BIRMINGHAM or LONDON (whichever applies) and post on the wall asking to join a team. Alternatively, contact us and we can put you through to the right people.

  • Is there an age limit for the tournament?

Players need to be a minimum of 18 years of age to compete. There is no maximum age. 


  • Is this a not-for-profit tournament?

Yes! All our profits will be shared between The Frank Soo Foundation, the London Chinese Community Centre and the Chinese Community Centre - Birmingham. Our aim is to promote sport and healthy recreation within the wider East Asian community. Please see Our Pledge for further details.

  • What are the tournament rules?

These will be provided at a later date and on the day will be explained by the chief referee. 


  • Does my team need to be entirely Chinese/East Asian?

No! We strongly do not believe in barriers in sports, so there is no limit to nationality, race or creed. Anyone and everyone is welcome to either take part, volunteer or simply just to watch!


  • My family and friends don't play but can they still come?

Yes! Every year many teams bring their loved ones to support them. We believe that there is a great community feeling at our events and we highly recommend you bring your supporters along to cheer you on through a long day.


  • Can I volunteer?

Yes! We are in need of volunteers on the day, so please visit our Volunteering Page for further details.


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