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The Chinese Community Challenge Cup is run and managed on the day by a fantastic team of volunteers. These volunteers, most of whom help us year after year, have been instrumental in helping the tournament run smoothly. 


As the tournament is now bigger than ever, we need every help we can get! We are actively seeking volunteers for some of the positions below. However, please note that this is subject to change and in some cases these roles may merge together.

  • Runners - The runners are will be very active on their feet. They will be running all over the place making sure that the pitch managers providing the scores and generally checking that they and the referees are hydrated and don't have any problems that need resolving.

  • Pitch Managers - As this will be a large one-day tournament, pitch managers will be in charge of either one or two pitches. Their main responsibility is to ensure that the referees are providing them with the details that we require, such as final and goal scores. Usually less active than runners but these roles merge in future.​

  • Team Managers - As we will have 24 teams in both London and Manchester it is important that we have team managers to look after the players. You will be required to know who your teams are and to ensure that they go to the right pitches on time. Furthermore, any documentation that we require at the start of the tournament will need to be submitted and it is the team manager's responsibility to ensure these are provided on time.​

  • Score Desk/Registration - This is the most important role of the day. As you can imagine, a tournament of this size has added competitiveness and pressure for the players, so ensuring that finals results and other important details are accurate is essential. Volunteers for this role must be able to work under intense pressure and quickly but more importantly accurately. We would require at least two people on the score desk due to the large volume of work. ​

  • Photographers - This is a highly technical role. While you don't need the most advanced camera in the world, it would be recommended that you have at least a telephoto lens and a DSLR or a CSC. We will not accept anyone with digital compacts, mobile phones or tablets as the quality will not be what we are looking for. Full instructions/directions will be provided either before or on the day.  Your videos will be used as our promotional material next year so while quality is very important, we also care about how you create a story. We would, ideally, like two photographers as there are a lot of teams and matches to cover for just one person. 

  • Videographers - This role requires at least some knowledge of filming and sound. You will be required to interview players, sponsors and other key personnel. Your videos will be used as our promotional material next year so while quality is very important, we also care about how you create a story. 

We do not believe in barriers in sports, so there is no limit to nationality, race or creed. Anyone and everyone is welcome to either take part, volunteer or simply just to watch!


At the end of each tournament is the winner's ceremony and every year a special guest volunteers their time and effort to presenting the trophies. The special guest(s) also give interviews for promotional reasons.


In our first ever tournament Miss China-UK came and handed out trophies to the well-deserved winners. We also have had sponsors present medals and trophies too, including Golden Nugget and Chan Neil Solicitors. 


If you are interested in presenting a trophy, please complete the volunteer registration form below.


We will evaluate each candidate and assess their suitability for the role. 


Please note that a suitable candidate may be found and as such availability may be subject to change.

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