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The Chinese Community Challenge Cup is hosted and run by the Frank Soo Foundation. Our foundation has the aim of encouraging football in the Chinese and East Asian communities.


We are also dedicated to promoting Chinese and East Asian culture through sport and the CCC Cup is an annual charity football tournament designed to raise both money and awareness for the charities that we support.

Our pledge:

  • To donate all profits from the CCC Cup events to the charities that we support.

  • Raise awareness and promote these charities at all events.

  • Raise the profile of Chinese and East Asian footballers in the industry and support them in their journey to follow Frank Soo's footsteps.

The Frank Soo Foundation

Chairman: Alan Lau

Founders: Alan Lau, Chi-Hang Lau, Susan Gardiner & Nelson Cheng



Job Roles:

Alan Lau - Chairman

Robert Lee - Financial Director

Nelson Cheng - Director

Jacqui Soo (Frank's great grand niece) - Honourary Director




The Frank Soo Foundation was founded in 2017 by Alan Lau, Chi-Hang Lau, Susan Gardiner, and Nelson Cheng.​


The Foundation’s objects are for the public benefit and in particular (but without limitation) members of the Chinese and East Asian Community, both in the UK and overseas, to:


  1. advance the public’s knowledge of the story and legacy of Frank Soo;

  2. promote community participation in healthy recreation in the sport of Football and other sports capable of improving health;

  3. advance young people in life through their involvement in football or other sport for the public’s benefit;

  4. to promote equality and diversity in football and society generally; and

  5. to further such other purposes as are charitable according to the laws of England and Wales for the benefit of the public as the Directors may decide from time to time.

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