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CCC 2018

Official London South Sponsors: Empire Casino

Official Birmingham Midlands Sponsors: Rainbow Casino

Official Drink of the Tournament: Vitasoy

Sponsored by: The Chinese Gift Shop & London Chinese Visa Services​

Photos by Amy Leung - More can be found here:

  • Golden Boot - Jack Barrett of Golden Dragon (15)

  • Frank Soo Award - of Nemesis

  • Super Saucer Award - Singha Thai

  • Chinese Community Challenge Super Cup - Nemesis


Key Stats: 
  • Last year's Super Saucer Champions, Nemesis, won this year's Super Cup

  • Total of 92 goals scored between 8 teams

  • Jack Barrett of Golden Dragon scored 15 goals, which is the most ever scored in a single tournament.


  • Vitasoy

  • Empire Casino

  • London Chinese Visa Services


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