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CCC Cup: Bigger, Better, Bolder.

The CCC Cup is once again back! So get ready to put those boots and shin pads on because this year we are bigger, better and bolder than ever before!

For the first time since the tournament's inception we will be having a North and a South tournament. This year it will be based in Manchester and London respectively (dates and venues to be confirmed).

More details about each tournament will be provided later but to give you a better idea read on!

Manchester will have a maximum of 16 teams, while London will have 24 teams. Both are allowed a maximum of 8 players per team.

Each tournament will fight it out for the highly coveted CCC Cup! However, this year the 4 semi-finalists of each tournament (so 8 teams in total) will fight it out in London for the fantastic CCC Super Cup!

In addition to this the Ladies Cup will be back again so start spreading the word for all events!

Watch this space for more details as they come in.

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